build up three pillars as foundations

I know you would like to start with investing now or yesterday, but that would be very risky without prior work on the following 3 pillars.

As you lay the foundations of the house before putting bricks on to be sure the house you build is strong and resistant, you have to lay the foundations of your investments similarly. In the first pillar, you secure your investments for any case of contingencies by insuring your health, life, and properties. To get the best rates and settings of your insurance, reach out to any independent financial advisor.

Second pillar serves to secure your investments for any unexpected situations like broken things, loss of emloyment or any similar situation where you need money quickly and unexpectedly. You don’t have to sell any of your investments in case of unexpected situation since you create reserve fund in this pillar. This reserve fund represents quickly available money laying either on your current account or saving account, eventually in liquid secure shares in your local currency – or any combination of these 3 assets. A minimum amount of money stored in your reserve fund should be your 3 monthly expenses.

Finally, the third pillar consists of your financial plan where you set all of your financial goals and path to achive them. It is very important to set the financial goals and calculate all of your current assets and liabilities, income and expenses, and amount of money that you will invest regularly in order to achive your financial goals. Once you have these 3 pillars covered, you can start with investing.


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